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About ISSC

Member Schools
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ISSC was founded in 2023, close to COVID travel restrictions, rising energy costs, global financial pressures and a downturn in International School student numbers.

It became apparent that the traditional manner of running conferences no longer worked - and something new needed to be designed. 


One size does not fit all. Therefore, ISSC was created with two straightforward goals in mind: 


  • Access for all - no hierarchy or elitism regarding school size, resources or facilities.


  • An understanding of member International schools and their fluid nature.


We are a private enterprise, and as such, there are no prescribed criteria: executive committees, managing of finance, website, communication, and all the other administrative responsibilities are led by our sports group ISA and are funded through membership fees.


Each school tends to their affairs, reducing the workload for host schools. Events are calendared, and member schools choose if they want to attend.
This simple approach allows for the following:


  • Access as many or as few events as you wish.


  • Hotels or hosting are available.


  • Schools can offer to host events, but there is no obligation.


  • Seasonal core sports will run each year.


  • Invitational sports opportunities exist.


If this is something your school is interested in, please get in touch with the email address below:

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